Types Of Inverters

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Let's talk about what exactly an inverter does for you.When you produce your own electricity through means of solar,or wind,you will need to convert it to AC.It is created as DC power which is direct current meaning it travels one way.All or most of your appliances in your home are AC which is alternating current which travels both ways.The inverter also steps up the voltage from 12 to 110-120 or 220-240 volts for whatever size inverter you buy. 

Your inverter is one if not the most important component in your independent energy system.But you have to make sure you have an inverter that is worthy of what you pay for.Now with that let’s talk about inverters.


The square wave inverter

This is the least expensive and the least desired inverter because of its size 500 watts or less.This type will heat up under load and you will lose power so it’s basically used in cars or trucks or for camping situations.


The modified sine wave inverter

The modified sine wave inverter is the most popular and economical choice of inverters.But there are drawbacks,the sine wave is not as steady and clean as you would like.This will cause a humming noise in appliances and possibly cause problems in appliances with motor speed controls and timers also.This is a good choice where electrical demand is lower such as in a cabin or a smaller solar application.The modified sine wave inverter is still the most economical and popular choice.

The pure sine wave inverter

This type of inverter will run almost any type of appliance and is what complete home solar applications will need.This type will have an automatic shut off when so you're low on power or you don't need to use power.Although it is more expensive it is what you'll need and want for ultimate clean power.The true sine wave will cost significantly more than a modified sine wave but is well worth it.

Grid tie inverter

If you don't have a battery bank and are tied in with your electrical company this is what you'll need.With this type you can feed in power when needed and get credit from the electrical company for your electricity.You could still have a battery bank and use this type you just wouldn't need as big a battery bank.